The Thailand deal has been done

I’m absolutely jubilant today because I’ve struck a fantastic deal with a Thai company to produce handmade items for my online store and physical store, and to ship them to me on demand for a great wholesale price.

This has really made me happy because it means I can now market those immediately and that should be really great fantastic and superb.

It will be great to open a business having such a unique selling point and I’m really pleased that I have done the deal. I have to say that using a dedicated Thai translation service has really paid dividends, I certainly could have done it without the help of the company of been using. There are plenty of online translators out there, sites like, where you upload the text, and a professional translator translates it into the language you have chosen. It’s quite quick and very cost-effective and it saves you awful lot of worry about whether you are being understood.

So after having used the service I am to translate to and from Thai, I am now going to use that service for my next deal, which I’m now going to start negotiating on. I’m hoping that I become an expert at doing it, so that I can even expand my online business further than I am considering now, maybe even selling direct to other retailers after I have negotiated deals wholesale.

Which means I’m now going to have a bit of a celebration. I haven’t been out for a drink and some nice food for months and things have been really tough at times. I’ve done well with my diet and exercise well, so me and my partner and going out tonight for a lovely meal. I may get a bit drunk and I’m not going to be ashamed about that, it’s time to let off some steam and have a good time for once. You have to enjoy the good times in life because the bad times are always round the corner, and the trick you learn is to learn how to cope with the bad times while really enjoying the good times so that life overall feels positive.

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The strange tale of the missing cat

Was it the strange tail of the missing cat? Anyway, it’s a lovely story which I just heard.

The other day my neighbour knocked on my door to tell me that her cat had disappeared. She asked if I had seen it and unfortunately I hadn’t. I hoped that it would return but didn’t really think much more of it than that.

Well there was a strange twist in the tale today, because my neighbour came and knocked on the door and said that the cat had been returned. Apparently it’s had jumped into the back of a delivery lorry that was on the road. Somebody had some new furniture delivered and the cat had jumped in the back of the lorry. Because it was such a big lorry they didn’t notice the cat when they shut the doors and they went back to the depot.

The next day they opened up the doors and the cat jumped out, and they obviously had no idea where it had come from. So they took it to a local cat rescue centre and thankfully the cat had a microchip in it, and they found out who owned it. The cat was returned today and I neighbour was delighted.

So that’s a great end to the story and it’s nice to hear something with a positive outcome for once.

I’m feeling better today, I had a real wobble about friendships, diet and whether my online business was going to work. But the shop is coming along nicely and I am sourcing plenty of lovely products as well.

There’s also been good news on the Thai deal as well. I’ve just had the latest email from them translated from Thai into English by the Thai translator I’m using.

And it’s really hopeful, I have now written my response and uploaded it to the Thai translation service I’m using and hopefully within the next couple of days I can get that sent off. Then I’m hoping we can strike a deal and I can get these products moving to my shop from Thailand.

So it’s really good news and hopefully things are on the up for me now, I’ve had a real down week or so and I’m really glad that I’m starting to change my mood.

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Problems with friends and a stalled Thai deal due to translation issues is causing stress

One of my friends has an alcohol problem. This is made her choose to make some very poor life choices over the past few months and the pressure has been building on her and every be around.

I tried to help with issues, but what has happened is she started to see me as the enemy because she feels I’m intervening and stopping her from abusing alcohol. She’s run to some of our other friends and basically told some half-truths which have made them rally round her and push me out.

I’ve tried hard to deal with this, but I’m now beginning to think I should just stand back and let them get on with it. They will now get to see the problems she has and how she’s lent on me at times, then pushed me away as she’s felt at the time. This has all been really unhealthy and is upset me quite a lot, putting a lots of mental strain on me, which on top of my diet and weight issues, has made things really tough for me.

I got a text from one of the friends earlier having a go at me and saying I should leave her alone. I don’t really understand what the text was about as I’ve been round to see her earlier and nothing was mentioned about any of this, it was just a normal visit. So’s I don’t really understand where those words come from, and I’m beginning to think that she is suffering from some sort of paranoia perhaps because of the amount she is drinking.

Anyway, this is yet another distraction from my plan to get my niche store opened within the next three months. I am struggling with negotiating with foreign companies as well which is adding to my strain.

I am using a Thai translation service to negotiate with a company in Thailand, and I’m also thinking of starting to negotiate with a second Taiwanese company as well. This means that I am having to receive emails that are in Thai, get them uploaded to the Thai translator, that service then translates them, and sends back in English. Once understood the my then have to write a response, upload that to the site, get that translated from English into Taiwanese, and then email it.

So it’s a long process, but I’m getting things right by doing it. But adding to the strain of friendships and my health I’m really starting to struggle the minute and it’s worrying me.

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I think I need to address my physical health before I get ill

I’m really working hard with sorting out my new business. I’m currently in negotiation with some small companies in various countries, the most challenging of which is Thailand.

I have been using a dedicated, specialist, online Thai translation service to make sure that my communication into Taiwanese, and from Thai to English is spot-on, so that I can get what I need quickly.

And the thing is that trying to do that with three different companies, on top of trying to source things locally, plus all the other bits of setting up a business is proving challenging. Trying to make contact and get things sorted is proving a real problem. But then I suppose it’s the same for anyone setting up that sort of niche business, I suppose the learning curve diminishes rapidly as you get more expertise.

But one thing that has worried me is my increasing physical health problems. I am overweight and that is getting worse as I’m grabbing fast food and not exercising or taking time out because I’m spending so much time sorting things out. Which means that I am not looking after myself basically.

So I have got to really sit down and try and sort out some proper exercise and diet routines. Because if I don’t I could get to the end of this and realise I have a great online business but poor physical and emotional health which. Me from taking it to the next level.

I know that I should not be taking that on right now, but what I do? I suppose I’m just using this blog is sounding board, so that I can try and get my head straight. It is a real problem negotiating with people in different countries, and that is not going to stop, if I do get a deal with a Thai company, I will have to translate stuff and discuss things with them all the time so I will continue to need a Thai translator. So I have to get myself fit emotionally and physically so that I am up for the challenge.

Anyway, that’s it for today, as I said this blog was going to be personal one that I was going to use a soundboard myself, and I think that is working quite well.

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Explaining how I am sourcing original handmade Thai products from my new business

I’m about to undertake the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I am opening up a small niche shop in the centre of my city. It’s a large city with a diverse culture and money to spend, so I’m hopeful that my shop will work.

Basically I’m going to sell handmade products from around the world. Not your mass-produced stuff, but beautiful handmade craft products from small companies and groups around the world. A lot of this I can get from specialist wholesalers in this country, but I need some unique things to make me stand out from other such shops in the area, especially as I want to have an online presence as well.

So I have decided to negotiate directly with several companies in different countries to get things imported directly to me. This will mean I have things for sale online and in my shop that other people don’t have in my area.

I’m targeting the Taiwanese product market a bit. They are very cheap to buy, and very much sought after because they produce beautiful trinkets.

My plan is to use a Thai translation service to deal with this. I’m going to get a Thai translator online to allow me to do the negotiations. This is not a live person, basically I will upload the text of an email I send and get it translated into Taiwanese. Then I will send it off and when I get a reply, I will get that translated into English.

I plan is to carry out negotiations using the online Thai translation service to help me negotiate thoroughly. I think it’s a good plan and as long as I explain in my first email at my Thai is non-existent and that I would need to create through email, I think that will help.

The plan is to secure a few contracts and orders with these businesses to get a regular flow of products I can sell. That will be really good for me and I think that using a translation service to help me to organise the contracts with countries such as Thailand and other far Eastern countries will really help me.

I hope you can see why I’m keeping this blog anonymous, because I’m going to give away some stuff I’m doing in this blog and I don’t want any be else to understand who I am or what I’m doing. That’s why this is just an anonymous little outlet for me.

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A little bit about my blog and why it is anonymous

I have decided to set up a personal blog because I am about to go on a bit of a journey professionally and personally. I have quit my job and with some of the money I have behind me I’m setting up a niche craft products store in my city.

But because I want this to be anonymous, I want to be able to talk about the frustrations and issues I am facing in setting it up, so that I have an outlet for my upset, I want this to be a blog that can’t be traced to me or my business.

I’ll talk a bit more about it later, but basically I’m going to source handmade products from around the world, trinkets, baskets, you know the sort of thing. There is a large global market in my city and I think it will do well, but there are obviously significant start-up costs and I have to get some of the stuff imported so that it is unique to me, which is going to test my skills to the limit.

I don’t want to have to offload all my problems onto my husband all the time, so I thought that setting a blog to document my journey might help. I’m hoping that when I get down or frustrated I can vent my anger here and get things off my chest a bit more easily. I’m hoping it might also help me to find solutions, by thinking about what I’m going to type and say going to lay out my blog post, it might help me to rationalise the problems and situations facing me. Well that’s the plan anyway, but as with anything in life you are never quite sure how it’s going to turn out until you actually do it.

Anyway, that’s all for now until next time. Generally am happy person and I have lots of hobbies and interests. I like sports, like yoga and I also like to do things with my children. I do like the garden and we try to spend as much time in it as possible, and with some coming it’s really great to get out there.

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