Explaining how I am sourcing original handmade Thai products from my new business

I’m about to undertake the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I am opening up a small niche shop in the centre of my city. It’s a large city with a diverse culture and money to spend, so I’m hopeful that my shop will work.

Basically I’m going to sell handmade products from around the world. Not your mass-produced stuff, but beautiful handmade craft products from small companies and groups around the world. A lot of this I can get from specialist wholesalers in this country, but I need some unique things to make me stand out from other such shops in the area, especially as I want to have an online presence as well.

So I have decided to negotiate directly with several companies in different countries to get things imported directly to me. This will mean I have things for sale online and in my shop that other people don’t have in my area.

I’m targeting the Taiwanese product market a bit. They are very cheap to buy, and very much sought after because they produce beautiful trinkets.

My plan is to use a Thai translation service to deal with this. I’m going to get a Thai translator online to allow me to do the negotiations. This is not a live person, basically I will upload the text of an email I send and get it translated into Taiwanese. Then I will send it off and when I get a reply, I will get that translated into English.

I plan is to carry out negotiations using the online Thai translation service to help me negotiate thoroughly. I think it’s a good plan and as long as I explain in my first email at my Thai is non-existent and that I would need to create through email, I think that will help.

The plan is to secure a few contracts and orders with these businesses to get a regular flow of products I can sell. That will be really good for me and I think that using a translation service to help me to organise the contracts with countries such as Thailand and other far Eastern countries will really help me.

I hope you can see why I’m keeping this blog anonymous, because I’m going to give away some stuff I’m doing in this blog and I don’t want any be else to understand who I am or what I’m doing. That’s why this is just an anonymous little outlet for me.

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