The Thailand deal has been done

I’m absolutely jubilant today because I’ve struck a fantastic deal with a Thai company to produce handmade items for my online store and physical store, and to ship them to me on demand for a great wholesale price.

This has really made me happy because it means I can now market those immediately and that should be really great fantastic and superb.

It will be great to open a business having such a unique selling point and I’m really pleased that I have done the deal. I have to say that using a dedicated Thai translation service has really paid dividends, I certainly could have done it without the help of the company of been using. There are plenty of online translators out there, sites like, where you upload the text, and a professional translator translates it into the language you have chosen. It’s quite quick and very cost-effective and it saves you awful lot of worry about whether you are being understood.

So after having used the service I am to translate to and from Thai, I am now going to use that service for my next deal, which I’m now going to start negotiating on. I’m hoping that I become an expert at doing it, so that I can even expand my online business further than I am considering now, maybe even selling direct to other retailers after I have negotiated deals wholesale.

Which means I’m now going to have a bit of a celebration. I haven’t been out for a drink and some nice food for months and things have been really tough at times. I’ve done well with my diet and exercise well, so me and my partner and going out tonight for a lovely meal. I may get a bit drunk and I’m not going to be ashamed about that, it’s time to let off some steam and have a good time for once. You have to enjoy the good times in life because the bad times are always round the corner, and the trick you learn is to learn how to cope with the bad times while really enjoying the good times so that life overall feels positive.