The strange tale of the missing cat

Was it the strange tail of the missing cat? Anyway, it’s a lovely story which I just heard.

The other day my neighbour knocked on my door to tell me that her cat had disappeared. She asked if I had seen it and unfortunately I hadn’t. I hoped that it would return but didn’t really think much more of it than that.

Well there was a strange twist in the tale today, because my neighbour came and knocked on the door and said that the cat had been returned. Apparently it’s had jumped into the back of a delivery lorry that was on the road. Somebody had some new furniture delivered and the cat had jumped in the back of the lorry. Because it was such a big lorry they didn’t notice the cat when they shut the doors and they went back to the depot.

The next day they opened up the doors and the cat jumped out, and they obviously had no idea where it had come from. So they took it to a local cat rescue centre and thankfully the cat had a microchip in it, and they found out who owned it. The cat was returned today and I neighbour was delighted.

So that’s a great end to the story and it’s nice to hear something with a positive outcome for once.

I’m feeling better today, I had a real wobble about friendships, diet and whether my online business was going to work. But the shop is coming along nicely and I am sourcing plenty of lovely products as well.

There’s also been good news on the Thai deal as well. I’ve just had the latest email from them translated from Thai into English by the Thai translator I’m using.

And it’s really hopeful, I have now written my response and uploaded it to the Thai translation service I’m using and hopefully within the next couple of days I can get that sent off. Then I’m hoping we can strike a deal and I can get these products moving to my shop from Thailand.

So it’s really good news and hopefully things are on the up for me now, I’ve had a real down week or so and I’m really glad that I’m starting to change my mood.