Problems with friends and a stalled Thai deal due to translation issues is causing stress

One of my friends has an alcohol problem. This is made her choose to make some very poor life choices over the past few months and the pressure has been building on her and every be around.

I tried to help with issues, but what has happened is she started to see me as the enemy because she feels I’m intervening and stopping her from abusing alcohol. She’s run to some of our other friends and basically told some half-truths which have made them rally round her and push me out.

I’ve tried hard to deal with this, but I’m now beginning to think I should just stand back and let them get on with it. They will now get to see the problems she has and how she’s lent on me at times, then pushed me away as she’s felt at the time. This has all been really unhealthy and is upset me quite a lot, putting a lots of mental strain on me, which on top of my diet and weight issues, has made things really tough for me.

I got a text from one of the friends earlier having a go at me and saying I should leave her alone. I don’t really understand what the text was about as I’ve been round to see her earlier and nothing was mentioned about any of this, it was just a normal visit. So’s I don’t really understand where those words come from, and I’m beginning to think that she is suffering from some sort of paranoia perhaps because of the amount she is drinking.

Anyway, this is yet another distraction from my plan to get my niche store opened within the next three months. I am struggling with negotiating with foreign companies as well which is adding to my strain.

I am using a Thai translation service to negotiate with a company in Thailand, and I’m also thinking of starting to negotiate with a second Taiwanese company as well. This means that I am having to receive emails that are in Thai, get them uploaded to the Thai translator, that service then translates them, and sends back in English. Once understood the my then have to write a response, upload that to the site, get that translated from English into Taiwanese, and then email it.

So it’s a long process, but I’m getting things right by doing it. But adding to the strain of friendships and my health I’m really starting to struggle the minute and it’s worrying me.