I think I need to address my physical health before I get ill

I’m really working hard with sorting out my new business. I’m currently in negotiation with some small companies in various countries, the most challenging of which is Thailand.

I have been using a dedicated, specialist, online Thai translation service to make sure that my communication into Taiwanese, and from Thai to English is spot-on, so that I can get what I need quickly.

And the thing is that trying to do that with three different companies, on top of trying to source things locally, plus all the other bits of setting up a business is proving challenging. Trying to make contact and get things sorted is proving a real problem. But then I suppose it’s the same for anyone setting up that sort of niche business, I suppose the learning curve diminishes rapidly as you get more expertise.

But one thing that has worried me is my increasing physical health problems. I am overweight and that is getting worse as I’m grabbing fast food and not exercising or taking time out because I’m spending so much time sorting things out. Which means that I am not looking after myself basically.

So I have got to really sit down and try and sort out some proper exercise and diet routines. Because if I don’t I could get to the end of this and realise I have a great online business but poor physical and emotional health which. Me from taking it to the next level.

I know that I should not be taking that on right now, but what I do? I suppose I’m just using this blog is sounding board, so that I can try and get my head straight. It is a real problem negotiating with people in different countries, and that is not going to stop, if I do get a deal with a Thai company, I will have to translate stuff and discuss things with them all the time so I will continue to need a Thai translator. So I have to get myself fit emotionally and physically so that I am up for the challenge.

Anyway, that’s it for today, as I said this blog was going to be personal one that I was going to use a soundboard myself, and I think that is working quite well.